Hello, If you don't know how to pronounce my name, just say "Chicago", and then say it again exactly the same way but without the "-go" 
I'm a multidisciplinary designer living in New York City. Originally from New Delhi, I graduated from Pratt Institute with an MFA in Communications Design in 2017, and currently work as an Interaction Designer at Code and Theory.
If you want to grab a cup of coffee and talk about design, music, or books, feel free to say hi!
You can learn more about my first poetry + art exhibition: The Hour Before – a series of poems that each start with, I like the hour before, and a collection of digital charcoal illustrations) was on view at Chinatown Soup from April 2nd to April 7th, 2019. 
Latest: I will be exhibiting some of my art – at the Superfine Art Fair online, at: The Hour After. Hope to see you there, virtually.  I will be donating 50% of all the proceeds to _________.

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