I absolutely loved both these movies, and enjoyed making minimal posters for them. With both, i went with the first idea that popped up in my head, and they're both pretty obvious but ingenious symbols in the films- The rat in the Departed and the perfume ( L'air de Panache) in The Grand Budapest Hotel.
This shows two posters I made for Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs- two movies by Quentin Tarantino, one of my favorite directors. The Pulp fiction poster has a negative sort of effect of Uma Thurman's famous pose for the movie, along with one of the lines from the film, a joke made by her character. The colour scheme and the font were chosen keeping the movie and its pre-release poster in mind. It was hard to think of a new concept for a Reservoir Dogs minimal poster, since there are so many good ones out there already, but i finally came up with the concept of gunshots on glass, colored according to the code-names in the movie.
These include minimal posters for some of my favorite Tv shows. The Wine glass plays a very significant role in Cougar Town, while the bunny rabbit phone cover used by the main character Jess in New Girl also represents her quirky, bubbly personality. 30 Rock can't be imagined without Tracy Jordan, who can't ever be imagined without his trademark TJ bling necklace. The friend's poster is just a take on their title font and the way they name each episode in the entire series.
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