The design process is a series of steps taken by a designer to first : examine certain problems or questions, second : respond with a set of iterative experiments, third, the implement and share the new vision. A designer’s process is a dialogue with their work, almost like a narrative they build for themselves.  It is often a cyclical process and can be roughly divided into 3 phases: identification, ideation and implementation, just as the hero’s journey takes us through a cycle of 3 acts: departure, initiation and return. 
The documentary is divided into 3 parts which take us through the beginning, the middle and the end of the interviewee's creative process, and their thoughts on leveraging the framework of The Hero's Journey in their own artistic journeys.

Initiation / Ideation

Return // Implementation
You can also watch the full interviews with these brilliant and deeply insightful individuals here:
Using Newhive, an unique web platform that acts like a blank canvas for different types of media and lets you self publish, I created a 17 step journey that explores the similarities between the design process and The Hero's Journey, visually and contextually.

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